What’s the Intention?

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Where My Favorites Go

While most of my photographs live on an external drive, a small portion of my favorites have found their way into photo books and albums. They’re arranged on pages and snuggled up next to words explaining the moment frozen within the image and how it matters to me. And these albums and photo books take up space in my library (I have a serious thing for books), forming a collection of important experiences in my family’s lives.

But, Why?

However, I’ve been thinking a great deal about my collection lately—about the books in it, the stories I want to tell, and the moments already detailed. And honestly, I feel unsettled by what I perceive as a lack of arc or united purpose tying my collection of pages together. Even though the collection focuses on our family, I keep finding myself asking the question, “What’s the intention here?”

In other words, I am pulled to be more intentional about the “why?” and “what?” of my photos and words. And, I keep wondering:

  • What am I really trying to make with them?
  • Why do I feel compelled to do anything with them at all?

But, I’m not very good at sitting still with questions. I wanted to do something about this—sooner rather than later. I wanted to think about it, frame a few questions to help, and answer these questions about my intentions.

So, I did. And, my first questions where, "What do your photos+words become?" and "What do you want your photos+words to be?"

What Outcomes Am I After?

As I thought about these questions, I realized the answer was related to outcomes. Then, it became easy to answer:

I turn my photos+words into individual vignettes: Layouts, Instagram posts, and articles online.

Of course, this was just a starting point. Several other questions arrived once I had pinned down the outcome. I think I'll take the next set on next week and share my thoughts here in the blog.


I'd Love to Hear from You 🙂

Since I see us on this journey to master memory keeping together, I'd like to hear your thoughts. So, let's chat about:

  • Your thoughts and feelings about the post
  • What your're doing this week related to memory keeping
  • Your take on the One a Month Projects

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